'Papa Shirandula' Actress Awinja Nyamwalo Opens Up On Her Struggle With Anxiety, Asks For Help


In the opinions of many, celebrities are people that we admire for various reasons.

These may be either because of their huge online following, flashy lifestyle or even huge amounts of money that they make.

Most of them even flaunt their almost perfect lives online, which may leave some of their followers wondering what it is that they aren't doing right to reach to their level.

However what people don't know is that behind the social media, most celebrities are just humans and they also face some of the struggles that their followers face.

And today famous 'Papa Shirandula' actress Awinja Nyamwalo real name Jacky Vike, has taken online to open up about her struggle with anxiety.

Photo: Jacky Vike

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This was via a post on her insta stories where the sassy mother of one revealed that she didn't know the cause, and even asked for help from her fans.

" Gosh you guys, how do you deal with anxiety? Especially when you cannot even pinpoint where it's coming from, because wueeh!" Her post read.

The post elicited reactions from some of her fans. Here are some of them.

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Her post came just moments after she posted a cryptic quote on her Instagram account saying;-

" Never regret, if it's good, it's wonderful, if it's bad, it's experience."

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