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For Raila Odinga and his better half Ida Odinga, it has been an excursion of over 43 years together. It has been an excursion or many high points and low points and for the individuals who have known both of them from that point onward, things have not been simple for the couple.

Raila Odinga is perhaps of the most well known lawmaker in the nation and one leader that has been in the public authority from that point onward and standing firm on different powerful government footing practically for his entire life.

Ida Betty Odinga is an extremely well known lady and exceptionally persuasive besides. She has been known to constantly be by her husband's side through various challenges.

The two have had the option to raise such areas of strength for a throughout the long term and we can say it's the strength of a lady.

Ida Odinga is a reknowned money manager in the country, she is an extremist and furthermore a teacher.

The 71 year old Ida Odinga is a mother to four kids who are the late Fidel Odinga, Winnie Irmgard, Raila jnr and Rosemary Akeyo. The Couple are likewise a fabulous grandparents to many.

Despite the fact that the Ida Odinga and her husband like and confidential sort of way of life, their adoration and warmth for one another never slips by everyone's notice even openly. Despite the fact that they attempt to conceal it from individuals, it's still extremely simple to see that the two love one another.

While Odinga was working in Nairobi University at a designing division, she met her significant other to be who was then a student in a similar school. They became companions for a couple of months and later got hitched to one another on the first of September 1973 following quite a while of dating.

In the early piece of her life, Ida Odinga was a teacher at Kenya High however later fired because of steady conflicts that the spouse had with the then Moi government. Very much like her husband, she has known to be a dissident for her entire life.

She is the person who started the development of the League of Kenyan Women electors in 1991. This was really a dissident gathering for ladies who were keen on governmental issues.

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