Jimmy Wanjigi's lawyer Break Silence Moments After Wanjigi's Prosecution Was Suspended

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Jimmy Wanjigi's lawyer has broken silence moments after his boss prosecution was suspended by the court.

Jimmy Wanjigi's lawyer said that armed terrorist attacked Wanjigi's residence and they filed an application stopping the arrest of his client Wanjigi.

"Armed terrorist attacked our clients' residence ,we filed an application and did obtain orders stopping the arrest , arraignment against our clients ,"Said Jimmy Wanjigi's lawyer.

He continued to say that , even after the application the DCI insisted on arresting Jimmy Wanjigi and they even broke into his premises.

"Even after we applied for the orders stopping Wanjigi's arrest,DCI continued to forcefully break into our clients premises,"Wanjigi's lawyer said.

Jimmy Wanjigi had been arrested over fraudulent acquisition of land where his Kwacha house is.Acccording to Jimmy Wanjigi ,his arrest is because of politics and his political stand to run for presidency. He blames Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta for his prosecution.Jimmy added that ,it is always during the election time , when this happens to him.He had said that it happened to him in 2017 and now in 2022.

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