What Does Police Arrest Means In Your Dream


A police arresting you can be a very disturbing dream. Police arrest symbolizes restriction, blockage and satanic bondage. To some people, this dream might create the ways for armed robbery or kidnapper to hold a person to ransom. In the dream world, Police dream means evil angels, principalities, blood sucking demon.

If you dream of a police arrest, it means you are no longer safe and can indicates that you will soon be arrested by the police. You might not be a thief, or a criminal. But something or a particular case might drag you to the police court. If care is not taken, the dream may hinder your destiny. If the devil cometh not to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10), then knows that the enemy is trying to stop you. The enemy can use the police or army uniform to attack your life.

When you often discover police arrest both in the dream or in the physical world, it means the followings: to keep you in bondage, to waste you, to hide you from your helpers, to prevent you from fulfilling your goals, to tie you down to places you don’t like to be. Maybe you feel someone reported you to police without any problems with the person, if you know the person then this dream can tell you to start avoiding the person as he or she is planning to expose your matter to the police soon.

To see police chasing you in your dream, it means witchcraft world are against your progress. If you escaped, it means you are protected. Maybe in your dream, there is a sign where the police released you, it means you are set free from unnecessary delay. You may need to embark on 7 days fasting and prayers between 6am to 3pm to cancel any witchcraft plans against you. Sometimes this dream might you a knowledge that you are surrounded with destiny killers who are jealous or envious of your blessings. Rise up and pray with Isa 4:25-26, Obad 1:17, Acts 12:6-7.

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