Trending; Fearless Assassin Sprays a Man With Several Bullets Daylight and In Front of His Daughter

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In the country, cases of people being killed by criminals have been reported. Most of the deceased are being killed and their bodies dumped elsewhere. These cases should be condemned and all Kenyans should work together with police officers to arrest the suspects who are doing these evil acts.

According to the source, sad news has just emerged about a man who was killed in front of her daughter in Kasarani . As per the report shared Star, some few ago, it has been reported that, a man by the name Njoro was brutally killed by unknown assassin who later escaped after spraying him with several bullets on his chest. Njoro was with his daughter when he was brutally killed some few hours after picking his daughter from the school.

Furthermore, the police officers have revealed that they are doing investigation to determine the motive of the assassin who escaped few minutes after killing Njoro. Also the eyewitnesses revealed that the assassin shot the said man 4 bullets and later added him two more.

The body of the deceased is currently in morgue. May the soul of the deceased continue resting in peace.

This comes in after cases of people being killed in cold blood has been witnessing in the country.

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