Registrar of Political Parties Breaks Silence on Politicians Who will Lose at Party Primaries

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The Office of Registrar of Political Parties in Kenya has come out to claim that politicians who wil lose the nomination at their Party's Primary elections might be barred from contesting as Independent Candidates. This might be a a big blow to those who are determined to contest for a given political seat independently after losing a direct ticket from their respective parties.[Photo Courtesy]

Before the Registrar of Political Parties issued their statement, politicians were able to register themselves after failing to be nominated to run for their coveted seat at any level. According to Ann Nderitu who is the Registrar of Political Parties, she says that once one is defeated during party primary, they will have no chance to jump ship and contests as an independent candidate. She claims that their decision is meant to strengthen different political parties.

The 2022 general elections are around the corner and different politicians are looking forward to be nominated to run for different position. Those who will lose might be forced to run independently but things are going to be tough for them if the law presented by Registrar of Political Parties will be implemented.

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