Grief in Kirinyaga Village As Young Man Dies In 90 Foot Borehole (Photos)

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A sorrowful and sombre mood has engulfed Riakithiga village in kirinyaga after 30 year old man died as he dug a borehole.

The man who was recognized as Ndege Gichira,died after he ran out oxygen iinbthe 100-foot borehole.

He had been employed by a local farmer to dig the borehole when the tragedy s

One of the residents who witnessed the incident said that the man was scooping soil from the borehole when he went silent.

When the other colleague noticed that Ndege was not continuing with his work he got suspicious and decided to check on him.When he entered into the borehole he found the victim lying dead.

"The man had sunk the borehole to such a level oxygen became insufficient and he suffocated," one of the experts said.

He raised alarm whereby the residents tried to rescue the victim but it was unsuccessful and they had to seek help from county's disaster management,who retrieved the body from the borehole.

The man had been employed by a farmer in kirinyaga when the incident happened.

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