Accident on Asamkese-Akwatia Road Leaves One Pregnant Woman Dead With Several Injured.

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Road accidents are becoming rampant in Ghana. Just in the first quarter of 2021 a number of road accidents have been recorded by the Ghana road safety commission. The causes of these road accidents seem to be as a results bad road networks. Failing to make highways dual.

Also the lightening system on roads are poor. This make drivers find it difficult to clearly on roads when driving. Roads with potholes are not regularly fixed, the holes enlarges and later contribute to accidents.

Unqualified drivers also get access to driving licence through middlemen and sometimes bribes without passing through the right channels to be examined.These drivers do not have enough knowledge about road signs and sometimes cause accidents due to their ignorance.

Not long ago, a bus was travelling from Koforidua to Osenase. It was drizzling and the road was slippery. The driver was moving on a top speed and came across a narrow bridge. Unfortunately the driver wasn't able to reduce the speed in time because he was closer to the bridge. Due to the protruding nature of the tarred road it swayed the car hanging on the edge of the bridge.

A pregnant woman who was sitting in front without putting on her seat belt was thrown out of the windscreen and fell inside the river. She was hit by the engine of the bus as she fell in the river. Several fell in the river but were rescued in time. Unfortunately the pregnant woman lost her life and several were injured. The injured ones were taken to the Asamkese Government Hospital and the Saint Dominic Hospital at Akwatia.

Drivers are advised to go through the necessary training before driving.

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