IT'S OFFICIAL : Mamkhize Changes Her Name. This Is Her New Name [See Pics]

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Milestones in mode never run out and those who are eager enough to go after their goals in life will witnesses of that. 

One person who has emerged as a go getter is Royal AM owner Shaun Mkhize who recently completed one of her biggest goals of her life, securing a doctoral qualification. 

The businesswoman completed her qualification in Philosophy together with her sister, as to which University the qualification is from, she did not mention or it was not revealed. 

Family and close friends gathered in a lavish celebration to applaud her for her achievement which will now see her being referred to as Dr Shaun Mkhize or Dr Mamkhize. 

Mamkhize, who's name has been always on peoples lips ever since she made it to the PSL said this on the weekend with relation to her graduation, "It's official, you can now refer to me as Dr President Shauwn Mkhize."

During her day of celebrations, she was travelling in a stylish Mercedes Benz Maybach edition, traveling in style like a president. What makes is more special is that she did it at the same time with her own sister. 

Everything she touches seems to turn into gold, considering that even her football club has been doing very well in the first season in the top flight. Surely the rest of Mzansi will feel the fact that Mamkhize is now a Doctor, as one can expect her to reinforce that name to be used when referring to her now.

Congratulations to Dr Mamkhize!

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