Make Homemade Buttermilk in a Ten Minutes Recipe.

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Have you ever tried to make butter milk at home? Did you get what you expected?

Making butter milk is very easy but many people get it wrong.

So today am gonna show you a quick recipe of its making.


A cup of milk.

white or red vinegar/ lemon juice one spoon.


Put your milk in a jar and add vinegar. Stir to mix. Leave your butter milk for ten minutes or more minutes according to the way it reacts You will know if it is ready when it starts to forms crumps.

Once ready it can be used to bake most of moist cakes or somewhere it might be needed.

Content notes:

Measure according to where you want to use.

Leaving it is to allow milk to ferment and can be upto one hour.

What was your experience upon making it? let me know in the comments

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