N/R: "Water Which Is Said To Be Colourless, Is The Opposite In Our Community" - Residents Cried Out.


The residents of Gburumani in the Tolon district in the Northern region have appealed to NGOs and all philanthropist for social amenities.

First of all, water crisis in the Gburumani Community has imposed a challenge beyond their control as far as potable drinking water is concerned.

Accoding to them, "Water which is said to be colourless is the opposite of what is seen at Gburumani Community. One can easily tell the colour of our water since we shared the only dam we have with the animals".

The ladies in the community have shared their sorrow explaining the challenges they go through before they can get clean drinking water.

The residents said they are faced with the challenges of two typical social amenities which always put a burden on the Gburumani Community.

They added that the power supply which was connected long time ago need to be extended to different areas in the community.

They therefore appealed to the Ghana electricity company in the area to assist them in extending the light to various homes.

This took place at Gburumani in the Tolon district in the Northern region today, 31st March, 2021.

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