40 Years Old Man Commits Suicide After His Wife Threatened To Divorce Him

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A 40 years old man affectionately called Joe in Adeiso in the Eastern region has hanged himself to death after his wife decided to divorce him. Joe is a welder in the town who is married with two children. The father of the deceased said his son came to him yesterday that his wife has threatened to divorce.

The father said he told his son to go back home and that the following day he would come to their home with family members to settle the issue which he complied. When he got home that evening, his wife parked her things out of the house to her family together with her two children.

It was as a result of that that Joe hanged himself in the night. The house in which they lived was not complete so Joe tired a rope around the wood at the ceiling and hanged himself. The wife of Joe is now with the Police helping with investigations.

The Police and residents of Adeiso seek to know what triggered the divorce concerns which led to the death of Joe. The Police are yet to gain concrete answers from the woman.  

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