Kivutha Kibwana Claims Kenya Cannot Exist Without The Kikuyu's, Reveals This About History


Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana has issued contentious remarks about the Kikuyu community in reaction to a statement by political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi who is an alleged political advisor of the Head of State.

Mutahi Ngunyi has penned a controversial tweet informing the Kikuyu community on the need to stay united informing the repercussions of failure to unite.

"Dear Kikuyus: You must hang together or you be hung separately," Mutahi Ngunyi penned.

"If asking Kikuyus to hang together makes me a tribalist I am one. And Then?" Mutahi Ngunyi added.

After the remarks by the Political Analyst, Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana despite being from the Kamba Community has informed that he finds nothing bad for Mutahi Ngunyi to ask his community to remain united ahead of the year 2022.

Mr. Kibwana has explained that the history of the Kikuyu is diverse that most of the communities need to borrow a leag from.

The Makueni Governor has added that for the Kikuyu Community, they cannot easily survive without Kenya extending that the Kikuyu are also an important community in the country alleging that "Kenya will find it hard to exist without the Kikuyu's."

"Please ask them to hang together with the rest of Kenyans. It is a community many other communities can learn a lot from. The Kikuyu cannot easily survive without Kenya, and Kenya will find it hard to exist without the Kikuyu," Kivutha Kibwana has said.

Kivutha has also said that as Kenyans we belong together regardless of the Tribe saying that that was the spirit of Harambee.

"We belong together. This was the HARAMBEE spirit," he added.