Mam Khize's Son Andile Gets Himself A New Pair Of Jordan x Dior Sneakers Worth Close To R160 000!

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When it comes to the Mkhize family, you cannot help, but notice how they live, the lifestyle and all of that. One thing family knows how to do is spend and they spend because they can afford.

Now, there is something that caught people's attention and maybe this is not the first time this has happened, but it was only now that a lot of people got to see just how the money flows at the Mkhize's.

With R400 000, one can buy a car, but Andile Mkhize bought himself a pair of sneakers. That probably seems crazy to a lot of people because there are a lot of things that he could have done with the money.

But maybe people should remember that Andile can afford to buy all of these things because his mom is wealthy. It is said that Andile had asked his mom for R1 million and it was not clear what the money was for till now, as it may seem, the money was for sneakers.

And that was not where it all ended, Andile went to Instagram to show off his new car which is worth R5 million, the car is a Lamborghini Urus. Now, that is a lavish lifestyle, not a lot people live the way that Andile lives, he is fortunate that he gets to do what he wants and gets to buy what he wants.

The question is, what is next, what will he buy next? Probably, a house somewhere by the beach, it seems like the options are endless in this case.

As you might know, Andile also spent some big money on a music video which was shot by Pilot Films. You probably know that Pilots Films have shot some of the best videos in the country and they continue to do what they do best.

Maybe Andile made a good decision by getting them to shoot the music video, quality matters and that is what rich kid Andile got.

To get to see just how good the music video is, maybe you should check it out, the name of the song that they made is called Umcimbi featuring Madonon and Distruction Boyz.

Andile will probably do some more music because it does seem easy for him to do. If you have already watched the video, then you probably could tell that everything was just on point.

One can tell that some big money was spent to get the video to turn out the way it did. Because he is already in the entertainment industry, Andile might even try out acting, who knows.

He seems like someone who loves the idea of trying out new things. Go to for more on this.

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