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Brown Mbombo is a South African model and influencer and a twin to Blue Mbombo, a woman of a similar office, albeit more famous.

Born to a father of mixed ancestry, Brown and her sister Blue didn’t have the perfect beginning, as they said they actually grew up in a shack. But then their father had envisaged a bright future for them.

Brown and her sister Blue grew lived in a shanty with their mixed-race father. But their father had hoped for a great future.

He advised his girls to study English to overcome their lack of skill in the language. As their father advised, Brown and Blue entered the world of English, a move they have not regretted.

Her motto is 4 Gs: God, Goals, Growing and Glowing. Overall, she seems to be winning. Her Instagram page has been a source of inspiration for many.

Blue Mbombo has become so popular that few people understand “Brown” is not the influencer's given name. Acastanho and Azul (Mbombo). Due to pronunciation issues, friends decided to adopt the English translations: “Brown” for “Acastanho” and “Blue” for “Azul.”

Blue began her career as a model. Diamond in the Rough was her modeling debut. Initially, she did not expect to become a local South African entertainment star. Diamond in the Rough founders and management gave her a scholarship. She moved to Johannesburg to study public relations at Rosebank College after winning the scholarship. G3 models sought her out. She auditioned for Big Brother Mzansi after graduation and was a roommate in 2015. Big Brother Mzansi brought her to the public's and media's attention. She was the show's runner-up. She is now a household name in South Africa.

Blue Mbombo is on Instagram. Her verified account has stunning images of herself. Her attractive figure attracts many admirers. Blue made headlines in March 2019 when she released topless photos of herself.

Photo Credit: Brown Mbombo Instagram Page

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