Killers on our roads. Who can stop them?


The rampant occurrence of motor accidents on our highways is becoming almost uncontrollable. The situation is so serious that in this year alone (from January to March), one media house (Joy FM) reports that more than 1000 people have been killed in road crashes. This number is more than the number of people that have been killed by COVID-19 since March 2020 (766 people).

The main cause of the crashes on our roads have been attributed to carelessness or human error on the part of motorists. The inaction of the police has also been identified as one of the main causes.

These pictures depict some of the wanton disregard for road use regulations in the country. This minibus was captured on the Sowutuom main road, near Nana Agradaa’s shrine using leaves and a tire as warning triangle. This can only belong to the Stone Age and not this 21st century.


The nation is calling on the DVLA, National Road Safety Authority and the police MTTD to wake up and help save innocent lives that are being lost on a daily basis on our roads. We need to stop these killers as a matter of urgency.

We can no more tolerate these brave killers on our roads.

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