Nigeria Vs USA: Which Country Has The Most Organized Military Dogs Unit? (Photos)

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It is not an easy task to have dogs trained to learn security measures. Dedication is one of the things to consider when training K-9 units. Each dog and handler requires a great amount of training every single week.

The relationship of the handler and dog requires closeness, communication and working together as a team. The K-9 unit must know how to obey hand signals, voice commands, and must also know respect, patience and diligence from the handler.

A properly trained police dog can save 600-1000 man hour every year. German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Rottweiler and Bloodhound are some of the famous breeds that are used for K-9 work.

The K-9 unit is also responsible for carrying out more specific jobs, where the leading role is performed by the specially trained dog. Those tasks include: detecting illegal substances, chemicals or explosives; identify individuals who were in contact with such illicit substances; track and rescue kidnapped or missing persons; locate buried or submerged bodies or human parts.

Below are few photos from both the USA military dogs unitand the Nigerian military dogs unit, which do you think is more organized;

The United State of American Military Dogs Unit

The United State military's so-called Multi-Purpose Canines are specially selected and trained to handle the most stressful situations while keeping their cool. Barking is forbidden.

The Malinois in particular is valued for its targeted aggression, speed, agility, and ability to survive in extreme heat. Handlers are known to refer to their dogs as either a "fur missile" or a "maligator."

These dogs are familiarized with gunfire, rappelling out of helicopters, riding in Zodiac boats, or even skydiving. All said, the dogs and their training cost up to $40,000 each. 

Once they catch up a suspect, they are trained to get the biggest bite that they can — ideally getting a "full mouth bite" and holding on. If the suspect hits the dog, it will only cause the dog to bite down harder and thrash. See photos of US military dogs and their handlers below;

Nigerian Military Dogs Unit

The Nigerian military dogs unit is a specialized group of military personnels who use service dogs (Specially trained dogs) to perform the responsibilities of a law enforcement agent.

In all cases the Nigerian military personnels and the dog need to work in perfect coordination. Therefore, continuous training is an important part of the life in the military dogs unit.

As part of its continued efforts to deal with contemporary security challenges, the Nigerian military have continued to conduct series of trainings for it's personnel in the K-9 (Dogs) unit. See photos of Nigerian K9 unit below;

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