'Guys my son is gone' _ young woman cries out

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The death of a loved one is of the most painful things that a person could ever have to go through in their lifetime. The death of a young person makes it t even worse, A parent losing a child has to be the most painful thing any parent could ever experience.

A parent should never have to bury their children, instead the children are actually the ones who are supposed bury their parents.


It is every parent's wish to see their children live long, and remain in this world when they leave the world but sadly some parents will bury their children.

A young woman named @Enhlebutterfly shared her pain on social media, she sadly lost her 12 years old son.

She wrote:

"Guys my son is gone

Rest In Peace my boy heaven couldn't wait for you, will never forget the 12 years we spent together"

She accompanied the post with a picture of her 12 years old son.

She then after tweeted this below:

"My one and only baby. How do i move on?"


This is very sad, may she find the strength to go through this difficult time.

May his soul rest in peace.

Source: mobile.twitter.com/Enhlebutterfly/status/1527686915637579777

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