Do you Remember Nyasuguta from the 1990s Vitimbi Show? Check out what She's been up to lately

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Take a look at the most recent images and lifestyle of Eunice Wambui, better known by her stage name Nyasuguta, who made an appearance on the Vitimbi KBC TV Show in the late 1990s.Nyasuguta rose to prominence after appearing on the Vitimbi show, which was broadcast on KBC television. Due to her strong Kisii accent, she played the part of a "shamba woman" from the Kisii areas. She collaborated with Mzee Ojwang and Mama Kayai, among other actors and actresses.The popular Vitimbi performance at the time had no written scripts, so the actors would gather together and come up with a subject and situations using their imagination. To come up with the dialogue lines, the actors had to use real-time scenes on stage. Because they didn't have to memorize lines or prepare before playing live on stage, their acting and imagination were on another level.Despite her heavy kisii accent, presented during the theatre sessions, she is a kikuyu lady from central, for those who didn't know. She stated that her mother raised her on her own and that she admires her for ensuring her success in life.The majority of her followers were taken aback when she bleached her skin, but she later revealed why in an interview with NTV.

She claims she decided to bleach her skin after a car accident in 2013 left her with significant facial injuries that left her in patches.She is a mother as well as an actress.

Take a moment to have a look at more of her most recent photos.

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