Honourable Andrews Amoako-Asiamah Reveals How He Mourned His Son And A Brother Yesterday


Honorable Andrews Amoako-Asiamah, 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament and Member of Parliament, Fomena.

Honorable Andrews Amoako-Asiamah, the 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament and the Member of Parliament for the Fomena constituency has revealed in a post on his Facebook wall that; "yesterday was a day of mourning as I went to the family house of my son, Kyei-Baffour Micah, to share in their sorrow and comfort them. I continued to the one-week celebration of my senior brother, Mr. Frieku at Akrokerri".

The deceased senior brother of Hon. Amoako Asiamah, left; and his deceased son.

The Member of Parliament however indicated that, he believes that we are bound to die one day, but in his sentiments about the deaths of these 2 individuals, he did say that; it's a matter of the impact one makes on earth which determines how their painful their exit from earth may be felt.

Honorable Andrews Amoako-Asiamah, seated at the funeral celebration.

Meanwhile, he expressed that he believe the 2 deceased individuals served their areas diligently and prayed that their souls remain in perfect peace.

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