Stop Buying Cooking Oil, Use This Method To Make Yours At Home


Most of the households use or buy cooking oil on a daily basis. Did you know you can make yours at home using simple ingredients? Continue reading for more information.

You can extract oil from several natural foods eg avocado, nuts and even maize. If you can manage to extract oil from these one of ingredient then you will reduce your daily or monthly shopping budget. Follow the steps below.

1. Slice your avocado or avocados into small pieces. The more the avocados the more the oil you will extract. You are free to slice any amount of avocados depending on the amount of oil you want.

2. Blend or put the sliced avocados in a jar and crush into a smooth paste.

3. Take a dry clothe and dry the avocado paste in the sun until the paste gets brown or dark in colour. Ensure that the paste is dry and away from any dirt.

4. Using a clean cloth squeeze little amount of the paste into a jar. You will see oil coming out. Sieve the oil and store in cool place.

As simple as that you get your homemade oil. Share and comment below.