Woman Burried 17Years Later Over Land Dispute


The 93 year old woman named Ester Nzakwa died on August 31st 2004.The body had been lying at Machakos funeral home for almost 2decades.

The woman's son Michael Musau said they were happy and relieved that finally they had sent their mother to rest.Nzakwas body was laid to rest on Saturday at Musau's compound Mbuani village in Machakos.

She was eulogized as a determined woman who loved education and did various business to ensure the children lacked nothing after the death of the husband.

The area chief had a difficult time controlling the mourners as the funeral attracted crowds of people who were curious to see what was happening.

The administrators told reporters that the matter had been taken to court by the woman's last born son Musau.Their father had 3 wives and the siblings were battling over land .

The woman's children demanded that their mother be burried next to their father's grave.There was no viewing of the body and the speaches were limited.Deliverance church pastor said that Ester was an active member of the church.

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