Stunning Hairstyles for Nigerian ladies

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Have you heard of the phrase, "the richest ornament of a woman is her hair?"

Without a great hair to match, a lady's dressing is not complete, even though she puts on the best shoes, clothes or carry the best bags.

Every Nigerian woman wants to make her own statement the loudest, as hairstyles have become a huge fashion statement.

Here are stunning hairstyles for Nigerian ladies;


Usually without the addition of any sort of extension, cornrows are weaved very closely to the scalp.

Depending on the woman's preference, cornrows can vary in sizes and quantities.


Popularly referred to the almighty braids, this is the king of hairstyles.

Every Nigerian woman has rocked braids before, at least once in her life.

In addition, the hairstyle fits any face shape and is perfect for any occasion, giving the lady a classy look.


Usually made by dividing the hair or attached extension into two, and then continuously overlapping both strands of hair, twists are much easier to make and concurrently easier to loosen.

Twists can be done in different styles, such as Senegalese, Havana, e.t.c.


Popularly called dreads or locs, dreadlocks are rope like strands of hair, which are formed by adding the special dreadlock extension to the hair.

However, you have to ensure that you always wash your hair and keep it clean, regardless of how you want your dreadlocks to be, as this style is typically a long-term hairstyle.


When we talk about weaves, we are referring to artificial hair extensions, which are added to human hair to give it extra length, fullness or a different look and feel.

Natural hair:

When we talk about natural hair, we are referring to those who do not apply any form of chemicals to their hair, but just leave it to grow in the natural African way.

Furthermore, keeping your natural hair is one of the best ways to make it grow, plus you can create your own style.

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