"We Are Ready For Your Big Announcement" Wiper Party Now Tells Mudavadi Amid Suspicions

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The OKA principals have given the Azimio team and the hustler movement some hard times as far as convincing them is concerned.The two teams have been secretly dating the principals to increase their chances of winning in the coming presidential election.Unfortunately,it has not been easy for the team's to convince them.

The team is expected to unveil its flag bearer after a long wait.However,there have been hard line positions with the two main parties feeling that they are the best to produce the flag bearer.Musalia Mudavadi's team being led by Senator Cleophas Malala has maintained that Musalia will not back down for any one.On the other hand,the Kalonzo team has also said that he is the best.

As these hard line positions continue to reign in the OKA team,Mudavadi has now said that he will make a big announcement on 23rd this month during his NDC meeting.There have been speculations that his team is not happy with the recent proposals by the OKA technical committee that has preferred Kalonzo as the flag bearer.This has now made the Wiper party allies to tell the ANC that they are waiting for Mudavadi's big announcement.Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior has claimed that Mudavadi is incincere having kept them in darkness for a while.What do you think will be Mudavadi's big announcement?

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