Limpopo:Big Strike To Happen At Thohoyandou As The University Of Venda Suspended The SRC President

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Limpopo: University Of Venda Suspended The President After The Strike At Thohoyandou See .univen SRC President got suspended in view of battling for understudies.

Understudies of the University of Venda are confronted with alot of complaints:

Verifiable obligations Nsfas requests results

Improperly impacted by N+

The college of venda has been striking from last week asking the college the board to address there griviences one of the interest that the understudy remembered for there notice was the issue of opening the library.

The following are remark made by individuals.

Library has been shut for the beyond 3 years

Graduation has been deferred

Water Crisis consistently

No reinforcement generators

Useless WiFI network in both on and off grounds homes.

The administration has answered by suspending the SRC President which focus on to switch the strike off by doing that.

Understudy Bar not working; understudies are being robbed external the college. Pool not working for the beyond 3 years.

5 modules doesn't have speaker, while the assessment is beginning the eighth of JuneT ablets for 2021 and 2022 first entering understudies Replacement of Geysers in quite a while

College of venda understudies ideological groups are joined behind the withdrawal of SRC president @SmileMagoda, they promise to closure the college. His suspension is unlawful and it should be dismissed at all expense.


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