Most Affordable And Profitable Side Hustles to Start Today


Apart from your monthly job, you need a side hustle that will generate some income for you. Rich people in our society today don't depend on monthly salary alone. They invest so much on side hustles. There a number of side hustles you can invest in today and be guaranteed a good return in future.

1. Professional resume writing. Those people who are good in English writes curriculum vitae and other academics documents to others for a payment. This has been done on Internet and people are making good money through it.

2. Buying things in bulk and supplying in retail. You can choose to gat some stocks and sell it to retailers with some profits. This will make a good profit for you at the end of the day. 

3. Selling foods in offices and workshops in your area. People are entitled to eat everyday. Those who engage on this type of hustles make a good amount of money. They just need to prepare healthy foods.

4. Selling second hand clothes. In Gikomba market Nairobi, clothes are bought at a low price then you sell to other people at higher price. This kind of business always produce a good return on profit.

5. Selling second hand shoes. Those who engage on this kind business makes good profits since they pick shoes at a very low price and sell them on profit.