"This Is The Expectations From Leaders" ;Captain Smart Removes Shoes On Live Tv To Thank Okyehene

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Recently on social media, the okyehene ( king of the Akyem kingdom) has been raised high after being seen giving out amounts of money for the children at a certain school yet to be known.

After this video went viral, the morning show host captain smart has gone on to express his gratitude and honour to the chief after this act of kindness from him.

The morning show host on Onua Tv who also doubles as a linguist on his usual rantings took the opportunity to clarify why chiefs share money in Ghana. He opined that traditionally, there is nothing wrong with what he did because any money he shared is believed to have come from the stool.

He further went on in saying if leaders expect a lot from their followers, then the followers also have an expectancy from them but if a chief can go about showing this kindness then it's the best Ghanaians expects.

Since He wore his kente cloth, it is by the customs of the land. It is this initiative that the whites copied and termed, child support.

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