Why Githogoro Is a Slum In Nairobi Despite Being Owned By The Rich


Githogoro is a Slum which borders rich estates, there are no formal decent houses in this estate despite being owned by right people. The region lies within the controlled planning regions of the country. The government approved and gives licenses of what buildings will be built in such areas. Commercial residential houses such as flats cannot be grown in this an area.

The government limits and in some cases gives designs of the type of houses to be built. Mostly are bungalows and huge masions. Due to it's proximity to the city Githogoro owners cannot afford to build the standard houses that the government advocates for. The government gives an option where one has to sell the land to tycoons and controlled business ventures or allow people live in the land as squatters or informal settlement. With the huge population living here posing a security threat to the upcoming ultra modern housing in the region. The slum will soon be cleared by the government. With the help of land owners,those occupying this area will soon be relocated.

Other areas which are under controlled development include, Runda, Gigiri, Karen, a section of kiambu and Limuru road, Westlands, Thome and Kabete. The government offers guidance and help to land owners through the ministry of lands to help curb uncontrolled business and growth of this areas.

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