What Christians Can Learn From The Recent Closure Of Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram

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It was quite unfortunate that some social media network applications closed down for more than 3 hours on Monday. Many citizens are not used to this scenario and we pray that such will not happen again. However, it helped many people who are addicted to their phones and social media. They were able to do other productive things with their time. Here are three things Christians can learn from the recent closure of Whatsapp and other Social Media:

1. There Was Time To Pray

Unfortunately, the use of phones has reduced our prayer life because we spend much time with them. We spend a lot of time on social media and we seem not to be able to live without it. However, the sudden closure of these applications was very strange for many people. For Christians, there was enough time to pray during a period where we were supposed to be pressing our phones. It lasted for about three hours or more and the wise Christians would have spent that time praying.

2. There Was Time To Read The Bible

Unfortunately, some Christians don't even know where their Bible is while some haven't read their Bible for some time now. There is dust all over their Bibles and they call themselves Christians. They spend more time pressing their phones and chatting on social media and they don't even have the time to read their Bible. However, during those hours when the social media applications were closed, it would have been a wise decision if they opened their Bible to read.

3. There Was Also Time To Think About Eternity

Living with eternity in focus should be our watchword as Christian. Unfortunately, some people don't even think about Eternity and all they are concerned about is the life they live here on Earth. Our eternal life and righteousness with God should be our major concern now, as Christians. However, the closure of these social media applications gave time to some Christians. Why some give different meanings to it, others were able to think about things they were supposed to think about. We should be able to find time for the things of God. God will help us in Jesus' name.

In conclusion, we need to put God first in everything we do. We should not allow our phones to collect our Bible from us. It is very important.

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