6 Tough Tasks that Nigeria's Next President Would Have to Tackle to Perform Well

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As the 2023 presidential election draws closer, it is pertinent to consider the prospects that it holds for the nation from different perspectives. 

Of course, one of the first and most important things to consider is who gets to succeed Muhammadu Buhari as the nation’s next president.

Regarding that, one cannot but wonder if the politicians jostling for the office realize the enormity of the task before them if they get elected. 

Have they given serious thought to the herculean challenges that they would have to grapple with should they eventually achieve their dream? 

Do all the aspirants truly believe that they can solve the nation's myriad of problems or are they merely motivated by the allure and trappings of power alone to want to be president?

Let us take a look at six tough tasks problems that the next president would have to confront and conquer for Nigerians to consider his reign a success. 

1. Reviving an ailing national economy

All major economic indices point to the fact that the nation’s economy is sick. With an ailing economy comes problems like a depleting foreign reserve, mounting domestic and foreign debts, hyperinflation, astronomical rise in the cost of living, high rate of unemployment, human and material capital flight, and more. 

2. Tacking the threat posed by worsening insecurity across the nation

I need not emphasize this point because we are all living witnesses to the devastating effects of insecurity and terrorism in the country. Indeed, the problems of a bad economy and worsening insecurity dovetail with each other. 

While Islamic terrorists and armed bandits lay siege on the North of the country, kidnappers, ritual killers, and armed robbers hold sway around the South. Indeed, the security issues are threatening to degenerate into a full-fledged national crisis. 

The Islamic terrorists who are mostly based in northern Nigeria have begun to make incursions into the south of the country. Armed Fulani herders traverse the length and breadth of the nation to perpetuate their murderous raids. 

As a result of the herders' attacks, ethnic and regional militias have now emerged to defend their territories. 

Hence, total anarchy looms in the land, especially because the nation's armed forces seem overwhelmed by the security situation. 

3. Fostering unity amidst the deep-seated distrust and disunity among the citizens

There is currently deep-seated bitterness, distrust, and disunity among the constituent ethnic nationalities in the nation. The country is deeply divided along the traditional fault lines—religious, ethnic, and regional—more than ever before. The country’s next president has to be able to deliberately seek to restore these virtues to foster national unity 

4. Curbing endemic systemic corruption

The country still reeks of systemic corruption, despite the current administration’s promise to tackle the menace head-on. Reports abound of missing funds, government agencies failing to remit huge revenues into the nation’s coffers, public officials failing to account for humongous sums of money in their control, and all forms of financial sleaze. Corruption has assumed the place of culture in the nation. 

5. Stopping the rise and spread of secessionist tendencies

Secessionist groups have arisen in different geopolitical zones on the country to demand self-actualization for their regions because of perceived injustice and biases in the handling of national affairs, especially under the current administration. 

6. Solving the challenge of inadequate and decaying infrastructure

Despite the assurances by the current government that its huge internal and external borrowings are meant to finance infrastructural development, the country yet lacks basic and functional infrastructure. 

Once again, we must remind the politicians gearing to be president in 2023 that they would have the aforementioned daunting challenges to tackle if indeed they intend to serve the country as they would want us to believe.

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