Three talking points from Eugene and Gloria's divorce. Read full details.


Marriage is indeed full of uncertainties, reports claim, the official communications director of the sitting President, Eugene Arhin has separated from his other half, Gloria Assan. Their divorce is all over social media, although the Eugene and Gloria have three kids, but that didn't stop them from divorcing. Earlier this year, the mother of three filed for a divorce due to infidelity issues on the side of her ex-husband, although he denied the allegations at the court. Now let's dive in into three talking points from their split. 

First, Gloria is to receive 100,000 cedis as compensation. So in a way, she's won and Eugene has lost. If the pair had settled their differences, this money could have been used in something else, but on the side of the mother, it is a win.

Secondly, Eugene has lost custody of his children to his ex-wife. Another talking point is the fact that, Mr. Arhin can visit his children whenever he wants as long as Gloria is given a two-hour prior notice, but this is also a massive win for his ex-wife, as most mothers don't want to be separated for their children. 

Thirdly, Gloria has been awarded a house and cars in addition to the aforementioned money. The house which was owned by Mr Arhin will now be handed over to his ex-wife. Through their split, Gloria has been able to amass a lot of wealth, which in a way is a win on her side.