N/R: Telecommunication; Residents Hanged Mobile Phones On Trees In Search For Mobile Network.


The residents of the Neighboring villages at Chamba in the Bimbilla municipal in the Northern region have complained of poor telecommunication network and deplorable roads within the locality that has hindered investment and development in the area.

Accoding to the residents in the surrounding Communities in chamba, they are unable to make smooth phone calls in their communities due to the poor nature of the telecon network (mobile network).

Some members of the Communities were interviewed by Ntv, today Tuesday 30th March, 2021, it was discovered that the residents always hanged their phones on trees with the support of ropes in search For network.

They added that the are unable to call people and they can not also receive phone calls if their phones are not hanged on a tree. Sometimes, they have to walk far away from the community before they can make phone calls.

In addition, the Residents lament on the poor nature of their road network which has also constitutes the major challenges facing the communities at Chamba.

In their view, the two major factors have hindered development in the Chamba area.

They therefore appealed to the Network providers and the authorities in the region to come to their aid will good telecommunication and good road network.

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