'Kata Simu' Man Elicits Reactions After Video of Him on an Amusing Phone Call Emerges Online.

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An elderly man have caused controversy on social media after a video of him on an amusing phone call emerged on various social media platforms. Kenyans on social media have started using phrases which was used on a phone call of the Muslim man.

According to the video shared on social media, a man is currently on the limelight after a video of him talking on phone emerged on social media. On the video, the man was seen wearing Muslim outfit that is Arafat scarf and kanzu. He took out his phone then went ahead and stated that the caller should hang up as he is busy. "Kata simu kata simu tupo (Hang up the phone we are on) site. We don't want disturbances of the head,” he said.

Just after Kenyans noted this video online majority started using the phrase 'kata Simu', tupo site". Here is the full post.

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