Naming And Labeling Anybody A Witch Could Soon Land People Into Trouble With The Law

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Brazenly accusing and labeling anybody a witch could soon land the person making the accusation in serious trouble with the law as the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) pushes for parliament to pass a legislation to stop the nonsense.

The endgame for the fake pastors and sorcerers, tearing families apart, turning children against their parents, especially poor elderly women, by labeling them as people possessed by malign spirits is near.

Joseph Whittal, the Commissioner, Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice, says it is not enough to close - shut down the witch camps, the country should go a step further to punish anybody who labels another person a witch.

It is incredible that in the 21st century, when there is so much advance in science and technology that, people elsewhere are moving towards space tourism and using soil from the moon to plant crops, poor elderly women in the country are lynched, beaten and continue to be at the receiving end of all manner of inhuman treatment because a sorcerer or charlatans parading themselves as men of God claim they are witches.

A study conducted in the Northern and the North East Regions of the country established that 52.7 percent of women accused of witchcraft in the two regions suffered from depression.

Joseph Whittal said it was important to make sure that the rights of every person were protected.

There is a Private Member’s Bill before parliament seeking to criminalize the declaration, naming and labeling anybody a witch, and the Commissioner of CHRAJ is urging the Gender, Children and Social Protection Ministry to join in ramping up pressure to get the bill passed.

He said there should be criminal prosecution of those violating the rights of others.

People have been labelled as witches and have suffered in their various communities.

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