Murdah's Issue With Blended Family Set Up - AKA Wants to be a Part of Asante's Life

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DJ Zinhle's most recent scene on The Unexpected saw her making a disclosure that Murdah Bongz doesn't actually comprehend this entire mixed family setup. Particularly on the grounds that Kairo Forbes' dad, AKA needs to be a piece of Asante's life. 

Mixed families can be a precarious circumstance yet DJ Zinhle needs every individual required to get along. In her interminable mission of uncovering her pregnancy to everyone near her, the DJ shared her pregnancy news to AKA, her child daddy. 

The two may have had aftermath on various occasions yet they have repaired their relationship and have a great co-nurturing relationship. 

So when she reported the news, we expected a positive reaction. Also known as was extremely glad for Zinhle, as uncovered by Mama kaKairo, and he said he trusted Zinhle would bring forth a child kid. 

Zinhle shared that AKA prodded her a piece and called her a dissident for having a child with one more man in a similar industry as theirs. It was all snickers however and AKA didn't intend any damage. 

Presently the primary worry for Zinhle is the hesitance from Murdah who isn't amped up to coexist with AKA at this point. The reason is, AKA needs to be a piece of Asante's life, the same way Murdah Bongz is a piece of Kairo's.

The Era by DJ Zinhle originator shared that she thought AKA would have been the person who is troublesome, yet it ends up, her bae Murdah is the troublesome one. Ideally in the end everybody gets along. 

In past scenes, Zinhle uncovered that she trusts AKA and Murdah would get along for their kids. "So that is the hardest inquiry. So how am I going to mix Bongani and his child with me? 

"So how am I going to carry Bongani and his child with me? So there's Kiernan and Kairo on this side and Bongani and his kid on the opposite side. I really want to figure out how to cause Bongani and Kiernan to get along. That is the main way this will work," she said. 

Her watchers' responses are somewhat what we expected, with some idiom they don't confide in AKA. We saw the manner in which the two have fixed things up as Zinhle asked her fans to help AKA's organizations and AKA additionally advertised her up as she performed at his gig. 

Otherwise known as booked Zinhle to play at his Super Soft Sunday party at the Huula Beach Club in Germiston and she shook the group. He retweeted tweets that talked emphatically about Zinhle. This didn't get gotten well by Zinhle's fans who told AKA to ease off a little. 

A savage said AKA ought to off however his fans hit back at him. One said, "It's his occasion. He's citing tweets of every individual who's performing there. In the event that he had concluded statement tweets of everybody BUT her, you actually would have most likely had an issue right??" 

One more said, "Haha you individuals are unusual and fu** up. I feel frustrated about the kids you all be raising with this outlook. What a pitiful and hopeless age you all are."



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