Section 208 of criminal and offense act criminalizes Shatta’s hoax: Shatta Wale in more trouble

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Shatta Wale remains the topic of the day with a new turn on why he will be charged by the police. The Ghana police are currently very serious about false news about people who only create hoax for no reason but fame.

When you decide to make a false statement about yourself and that you have been shot, the police needs to go extra mile to make sure you’re safe.

Investigations which should have been conducted on serious cases or matters are directed at you who is only playing with the hearts of the innocent Ghanaians.

One thing that the Ghana police service are very serious about once again is taking on politicians and celebrities who are riding on their fame to misbehave.

From an explanation and an interpretation of the matter and why shatta Wale will possibly be charged by the police, the criminal and offense law criminalizes Shatta’s act.

Shatta Wale has spread some false news on social media and has been spared but this time, the discipline Dampare is making sure these matters are dealt with accordingly.

Paul Adom Otchere dissected the story and revealed that the law speaks against this and any one who is involved in this can be criminalized for such an offense.

The criminal and offences act 1960, Act 28 states that a person who publishes or reproduce a statement, rumor or report which is likely to cause fear and alarm to the public or to disturb the public peace knowing or having reason to believe that the statement, rumor or report is false commits a misdemeanor.

This means that Shatta Wale falls under this and is punishable by law and should be dealt with in order to set as an example for others. But Paul Adom Otchere pleaded on his behalf and decided to beg for forgiveness for Shatta.

He pleaded that Dampare should take it easy on him and send out some words to him in order to make him have some change of behavior.

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