Everywhere in Ghana, people are Everywhere in Ghana, people are ta Everywhere in Ghana, people are talking about suffering, struggling survival


The greatest incident basic Ghanaians have forced on themselves is idiocy, trailed by superfluous affliction and the absence of a feeling of extent in light of the fact that the lion's share harp on tribalism and hate to project votes to choose their chiefs. 

"Where there is no vision, individuals die and debacle happens upon catastrophe; talk follows gossip. They look for a dream from the prophet, while the law perishes from the minister and direction from the older folks," says the Bible. 

In Ghana, are such legislators without vision, experience, and proficiency, standing firm on different pastoral footings they are not qualified for, in this way, the absence of efficiency has carried untold enduring to guardians all through the country. 

Shockingly, numerous Ghanaians follow and respect those inept priests in view of tribalism, while they affront, rebel, and victimize the dedicated ones that may come from the Northern piece of Ghana or the Volta Region. 

At the point when a nation has most of such nepotistic and tribalistic individuals, the outcomes that continue in the nation are division, high pace of work, absence of advancement, political agitation, and a delicate economy. This is the current circumstance in Ghana, all in all taken as man-made misfortunes. 

Wherever you take a gander at and anybody you tune in to in Ghana is looking at torment, battling, and endurance. Ghanaians are whining about water issues in numerous spots, while they face the fury of irregular power supply, prominently known as 'Dumsor,' simultaneously. 

High expenses, heightened cost of items, helpless everyday environments, and high joblessness rate have placed Ghanaians in unlimited concerns. However this very government, the NPP, considered the NDC bad and vowed to convey a superior support of the average citizens. 

The way that costs of essential items and fuel have gone up, yet many rely upon low wages, has demolished the day to day environments of normal Ghanaians. 

In one of my articles submitted to GhanaWeb, named "Mahama ought to be content today over the deficiency of the 2016 official race," I imparted my insight that before the finish of the "four additional years for Nana," numerous Ghanaians will endure, the joblessness rate will go up and outfitted theft will be on the increment. 

The Ghana Police, previously, have captured a large number of outfitted burglars and hoodlums yet capturing a pack of looters that are just females, has never occurred under any Ghanaian pioneer other than Nana Akufo Addo. 

As indicated by the Zongo District Police Commander, Superintendent Amoah Nyamekye Adani, following a report by a cab driver looted at knifepoint, the police captured four young ladies. 

This shows how awful Ghana has become, to drive little youngsters at such ages to start ransacking individuals at knifepoint. Some may even alumni to be solidified crooks to utilize weapons to ransack and murder. 

Aside from debasement, the purposes behind this man-made neediness and general difficulties are the ineptitude of the Akufo Addo's administration. Indeed, even the free instruction program has fizzled in light of the fact that nothing is done in the country with arranging. 

The pitiful thing most importantly is you can't condemn or talk about Akufo Addo's discouraging government without the allegation of being a NDC part or you disdain Nana Akufo Addo. 

Indeed, even in the created world that shrewd governments have tried sincerely and arranged manageable economies to suit both high and low-pay laborers, individuals do condemn now and again. 

Ghanaians should always remember that their votes don't just decide their future yet additionally that of their youngsters and extraordinary grandkids, in this manner, they should cast a ballot shrewdly. 

On the off chance that they need Ghana to be a superior country, they should cover tribalism and nepotism around there. Those twins are seeds of annihilation.

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