" The Moment Toughboy Show Up " - Wizkid's Son Says As He Shares Photos Of Himself In A Soccer School

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Wizkid's son, Zion Ayodeji Balogun is a kid with a strong passion for music and soccer. Literally, soccer is a perfect game for kids. It's all inclusive and can be played by both boys and girls.

Zion is still tender, yes, but when it comes to football, there is no right age for parents to get their kids into soccer. Just in, Zion took to his Instagram page to share lovely photos of himself in a soccer school.

Accoridng to Zion, the pictures he shared signify that moment when he (Zeeman) showed up at a soccer school. Zion is really a full vibe, looking at how he positioned himself, like he wanted to kick the ball.

His father, Wizkid must be so proud of him, knowing fully well how proud he makes him feel. Zion is a multi-talented child, who loves showing off his talents.

Few weeks ago, he was seen playing a piano while singing. Obviously, he is also pursuing his father's career, and gradually following in his footsteps.

To parents reading this, if your child is showing enthusiasm for soccer, then a soccer school will be a great way to develop their talents. This will give your kids the needed opportunity to triumph in life.

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