After A Hausa Man Showed The N70 Onions He Bought And Was Given Tomatoes Free, See What Aisha Said


Recall that Northern Traders have embarked on an indefinite strike and vowed to stop the supply of foodstuffs to the south as a way of protesting the ills and maltreatment of Fulani herdsmen and northerners in the South.

This action have not gone down well with the south who threaten to block the supply of oil produces to the north. With reports that DSS have called for questioning the leaders of the Northern Union concerning the food blockade to the south, the blockade still continues.

However, an Hausa Man in Home tweeted about the situation of things. As he showed the huge quantity of onions he bought for N70 Naira and also said the traders gave him tomatoes for free.

This has sparked reactions among twitter users. And one of such reaction was that of the human right activist Aisha Yesufu.

Reacting on the incident, Aisha Yesufu called those who imposed the food blockade to the south as hypocrites. As they are playing politics with people livelihood and business. As a lot of farmers and traders are going to lose huge amount of money.

What do you think about this? Should the northern Traders make a U-turn on their decision and allow the food to be supplied to the south? Let's hear your opinion. Comment below

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