Spooky Yet True, River Yala Is Full Of Human Bodies Tied With Ropes Floating Around

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Sourcing its water from Nandi escarpment's river Yala river is a river of the western Kenya and a tributary of Lake Victoria, as it follows down a rocy bed to form a swamp known as Yala swamp on the border of lake Victoria.

But turned out the majestic geographic scene could soon become an area of the dead after reports of more that 20 bodies being retrieved in less that a weeks time have been reported.

According to reports by HAKI Africa, the bodies mostly beloved to be of Kenyas that have been reported missing or inducted are beloved to be floating around River Yala in Sacks.

What adds more disgust to the whole menes is that most people leaving around the River use the same water for there daily activities. Not knowing that the water being consumed is full of human corpses.

A local elderly man says that he has in the past retrieved more than 20 bodies and most of which are tied hands at the back. While some have been fearfully wrapped in a sack like a parcel.

According to Haki Africa the police are sleeping on there jobs and proper investigations should be carry out to get to the bottom of the matter.


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