Nomvula and Vukile bombed Mukuna's car. Could he be dead for real or he has 9 lives like a cat

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Nomvula was kidnapped by Mukuna and she ended up escaping. She stabbed Mukuna with a knife on his legs. After escaping she ran straight home because she knew that she won't be safe on the streets. Mukuna took of his shirt, torn it so that he could tie his leg and be able to walk, little did he know that the viewers fell in love with his body. When Nomvula got home she told Vukile what happened and they decided that they were going to end things once and for all.

Vukile called Mukuna and asked for meet up so that they can come up with an arrangement and he can let Nomvula go. Mukuna sent him his location and time. Vukile came with Nomvula but he did not make Mukuna aware of that because they wanted to make time for Nomvula to plant bombs under Mukuna's car. As soon as she was done Vukile went to his car, and so did Mukuna. Mukuna was shocked to see Nomvula inside Vukile's car and that's when Vukile activated the bomb.


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