How Can I Open My Spiritual Eyes & Ears

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You already have spiritual eyes and ears that can see and hear in all dimensions.

God is the consciousness that has infinite eyes and ears that can perceive everything. As a result, having spiritual eyes and ears would mean being willing to look and listen in all directions. When you're prepared, spiritual sight and hearing occur.

What causes us not to see or hear spiritually? When we turn away and say, “I don’t want to look at that,” or “I don’t like what I’m hearing,” or “I don’t see it that way.”

If you can't bear looking at what you see in the world, if what you hear disturbs, upsets, or throws you off balance, why should you expect God to let you see in every dimension?

If you want to spiritually open up, you must first demonstrate that you can manage what you see and hear.

So, if you want to see the spiritual side of things, look for the good in everything. I like what I see. If you're not sure how to love something, you can ask, "How do I love this?" Then be willing to follow your inner guidance. That will be another litmus test to evaluate if you're ready. Your inner direction will frequently come through as a whisper or in your own quiet voice. So pay attention. And I like what I hear.

What matters is that you are willing to expand your consciousness beyond the physical to the metaphysical, spiritual, or psychic realms. You did it because you can. It has nothing to do with physical abilities. It is built on your goal, willingness, and openness to go beyond your current capabilities. So be open to your undiscovered abilities.

Use a method known as tone chanting. You vibrate the Lord's name for yourself by singing your initiatory tone or "Hu," an old word for God. It's known as Spiritual Exercise.

Supplement your diet, apply essential oils and practice meditation.

You walk in that refined state, remembering yourself as a spiritually-charged being. You remember you are someone who is known and claimed by the Lord.

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