Obi Cubana Wears $100k Diamond Necklace Carrying His Mother's Face On It

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Nigerian businessman Obi Cubana has spent the whopping sum of 100,000 US dollars to acquire a custom-made diamond necklace with his mother's face carved on it.

The burial ceremony of Cubana's mother, Lady Uche Iyiegbu, was held today as she was finally laid to rest at the age of 78. A lot of attention has been channelled towards the event given the kind of prestige Obi Cubana enjoys.

To commemorate his mother, Obi Cubana sought the skill of luxury custom jeweller Efobi Stephen Obi to make him a diamond necklace that bears the face of his mother on the front. Stephen revealed that Obi offered 100k US dollars for the item.

Cubana posted a recent video that shows Stephen clipping the necklace around his neck. He captioned the video, saying: “Had to cut mama's face on ice.”

Check out photos of the diamond necklace that clearly shows the face of Cubana's late mom.

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