Autism Spectrum Disorder - a developmental disability but hope is still there; Check out treatment


Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disability that causes problems with communication and social skills. Autism spectrum disorder differs from one person to another.

Signs and symptoms

Children with autism may have problems with communication, social skills and reacting to the world around them. Not all behaviours exist in every child.


1. Speech difficulties or limited speech

2. Loss of words that the child was previously able to speak.

3. Difficulty expressing basic needs and wants

4. Poor vocabulary development

5. Echolalia (repetition of what is said)

6. Problems following directions or finding objects that are named.

7. Problems answering questions

8. Speech that sounds different (robotic speech or speech that is high-pitched)

Social skills

1. Poor eye contact with people and objects.

2. Poor play skills

3. Problem making friends (antisocial)

4. They usually focus on objects or items that interest them

5. The cry, become angry, giggle and laugh for no reason or at a wrong time.

6. The dislike when you touch them

Reacting to the world around them

1. Not able to pay attention to things he sees or hears

2. Problems dealing with changes in routine. When they are used to something, they focus on that thing so immediately you change it, it becomes problem for them.

3. Rocking, hand flapping or other movements

4. Using objects in unusual ways

5. Not afraid of real dangers. They move toward fire without fear and trembling

6. They might be sensitive or non sensitive enough to touch, light, sounds etc.

7. Feeding difficulties

8. Sleep problems


1. Genetic problems or chromosomal syndromes

2. Severe infections that affect the brain e.g. meningitis, encephalitis, celiac disease etc.

3. Exposure to toxins or illness during pregnancy e.g. rubella, high chemicals.

Treatment of Autism

Treatment of autism spectrum disorder is difficult and therefore needs a lot of time for treatment. When a child is suffering from autism, early detection is key to therapy and reduces symptoms and also support development and learning.

A special education is given to people living with autism to help alleviate the cardinal symptoms and makes life easy for them. There are treatment such as behavioural therapy, play therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. Other medical therapies include chelation therapy whereby metals will be flushed out from the body. This is a procedure whereby a synthetic solution will be injected into the blood stream to reduce heavy metals from the body.

Medications or vitamin supplements may also be prescribed for patient to help boost the system and supplement the body with the vitamin it is lacking. Since people with this condition have sleep interruption, medications can be prescribed to induce sleep.

It is important to note that, autistic behaviours are manageable at the required treatment centre. Early detection is key.