'Thank God, My Mother Don't Drink Beer' Man React After Seeing A Video Of An Old Lady Doing This

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25/05 /2022

Source https://twitter.com/SamorahChauke/status/1529067483658870785?t=GCVTejSrBIKlgECRRhkAFg&s=19

A video of an old lady dancing in public went viral.

Samora took it to Twitter to share with everyone about the behavior of this old lady in public. The video, shows an old lady wearing Tsonga tradition and dancing to tsonga music. Everything was fine and fun until she decide to change her dancing move and put her hands on the floor and her legs up.

Her skirt went down and people saw things they were not supposed to see. She didn't see anything wrong with that because she even repeated doing it more and more.

Samora and other people think she did all that because she was under the influence of alcohol. "Thank God, my mother doesn't drink beer. You see what parents do outside," said Samora.

Almost everyone wasn't pleased by the behavior of this old lady.

What do you think should be done to prevent this?


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