How friends became brothers: The story of Kwame Despite and Dr Ernest Sarpong

"Ten thousand relatives are worth one faithful mate." Euripides' wise saying practically encapsulates the unbending and unwavering bond of two men who were so close and fond of each other that the boundaries between friendship and family were blurred.

Many people would be surprised by this discovery because they have been referred to as brothers for so long, and understandably so.

They are always seen together, have started many businesses together, and do all together.

The two have been referred to as brothers from the same mother and father in Ghanaian media for years.

But, as it turns out, their strong bond began as a customer-client relationship that blossomed into a friendship so strong that they have been dubbed "brothers."

Dr. Ofori Sarpong, speaking on Joy FM's Personality Profile, said that despite the fact that he and Kwame Despite have different parents, he will still refer to him as his brother.

"We are not connected, but for the time being, I will presume that we are. Because you share the same mother or father, you don't have to call anyone your child. He is my brother since we grow up together, do business together, think and do all together, and own about five or six companies together "..

When asked by show host Lexis Bill how the two met, Dr. Sarpong reminisced fondly, saying, "He used to do business with us, that is, he used to buy things from our store (the family business). He used to purchase boxer briefs, singlets, T-shirts, and every other kind of underwear imaginable. We became really good friends as a result of this." They've been buddies for over three decades and are co-owners of Best Point Savings and Loans, UTV, U salt, and a number of other businesses.

The two are both active members of the East Legon Executive Business Club, which is made up of some of the city's most experienced citizens.

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