Inno wants to get back with his ex boyfriend

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Images: Facebook @InnoMatijane

Inno Matijane has not been in a good mood lately. Old wounds seem to have awakened as he says he misses someone he is not supposed to miss. His ex. He updated so many statuses about the unknown guy. Inno misses him so badly and coming across his pictures on his timeline got him heartbroken. 

So many people could relate on this matter. They emphasized how heartbreaking it is to miss someone you cannot reach out to, or someone you're supposed to forget about, someone you separated from for a reason but the heart just remind you of all the happy moments and you feel the love again and then you get heartbroken again because you know it is highly impossible to be with that person. 

Sometimes the heart is unfair, it keeps loving the people who's toxic and who you want to walk away from, making us to live a lie as we claim to have moved on while our hearts still belong to the people who tortured us. Inno has been crushing on Makhadzi's dancer Limpopo Boy Bujwa for a long time, maybe it will yield something because what Inno has for Limpopo Boy Bujwa is strong. Something could be up. Stay tuned for more content.


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