Big Win For Students And Parents After Kabado Wa Kabado Revealed This Calling For The Fall Of BBI

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Tbe education sector is currently faced with a major challenge following what is currently happening in Kenya. We have ongoing school reopening from half term break as students are now reporting back to school. However, school fees payment has remained a major challenge to most parents. It's too unfortunate that this comes at a time when leaders have maximized on BBI without caring about citizens.

This is something that Kabado Wa Kabado has exposed on his Twitter account asking people to reject BBI in order to be served well. Speaking on Twitter, Kabado said this;

"Backtracking on Basic Education needs as basic rights is causing social delinquency, worsening societal health crisis, complicating security situations. GoK should delay mega infrastructure projects to reallocate monies to education, health and security emergencies. #RejectBBI," said Kabado Wa Kabado.

He went ahead and revealed the kind of favours needy students are supposed to be served. He has condemned the government over fee crisis and HELB loan inconveniences saying this;

"Kenya Constitution enabled by Education Act obligates GoK to provide FREE, COMPULSORY Basic Education, i.e upto high school. Then HELB. 2017 Jubilee pledged compliance. Education a weapon that equalizes opportunity. Fees crisis in schools. Needy students losing. Serious setback," Kabado Wa Kabado added.

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