15 people died today in Pretoria this is the reason

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Sadly, in South Africa, many people lose their lives in traffic accidents, which means that a death is reported every day. This is something that must be dealt with on a daily basis.

South Africa's rising rate of traffic fatalities and injuries can be attributed in part to the fact that many of our drivers lack adequate training in safe driving techniques.

There are many people in South Africa who get their driving licenses from a specific driving school that is affiliated with the South African licensing agency.

In South Africa, many individuals are killed or injured as a result of drunk driving, which is a significant contributing factor in the country's accident rate.

Sadly, 15 people were killed in a horrible bus crash in Pretoria's Garankuwa Road near Bundu Inn today, and it is true that the victims were on their way to work in order to provide for their families, but it is unfortunate that they couldn't make it.

It is the driver's responsibility to exercise greater caution when transporting a large number of passengers in a bus; many more individuals are unable to reach their destinations as a result of the lack of maintenance performed on the buses by their owners.

The families of the people who were not able to get to their destination because of a bus accident are deeply affected. It is important for bus drivers to thoroughly inspect the condition of the bus they will be driving on a given day.

Additionally, bus owners should ensure sure their vehicles are driven by competent drivers.

I believe this is a significant setback, and I urge the public to exercise caution when boarding a bus, especially one that appears to be in good working order.


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