"I Feel Unhappy When He Come Home Clean I Like Him When He Is Dirty" Embarambamba's Wife Says


Marriage is a lifetime commitment between a man and woman and ordained by God. When we talk of famous musician we cannot forget to mention Embarambamba.

He was recently hit by motorcycle. However, the wife Vane Onsige has gone ahead to praise her husband. The mother of 5 sad that she is okay with washing ha dirty cloths and feel unhappy whenever he comes home clean. She said,

“I always delight in washing his dirty clothes because that is how he earns a living. “In fact, if there are days I am very unhappy is the days he comes home with clean clothes since I know that day he has not earned anything."

That is real love and we wish them good luck. What do you think? Is she telling the truth. Please endeavour to like, feel free to share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section and also share with others.

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